The Induction of The Problem of Pain.

 This weeks post will focus on the unique timing of the publishing of The Problem of Pain.

       –      Both critics and audiences praised The Problem of Pain for its highly intellectual and accessible approach to morality. As Alister McGrath writes in his biography of Lewis: “Many readers found a voice that was sympathetic to their concerns and reassuring in its responses… It won Lewis many admirers, but did not make Lewis famous… It proved to be a critical link in the chain that soon led to the emergence of that fame.”In effect, Lewis had created a work that transcended class distinctions, and, in doing so, he accomplished what few modern authors had been able to in the last two decades.  Upon its release in October of 1940, The Problem of Pain became an immediate best seller, and set into motion Lewis’ wartime fame.

              A key theme in Lewis’ life was his highly unintentional sense of timing.  Had he resolved to write a book like The Problem of Pain even a few years before the war, it would have, like Lewis himself, most likely gone unnoticed. For one, Lewis had only recently become a Christian prior to the outbreak of the war, and he would have never entertained the idea of writing a book about Christian theology. Furthermore, Christianity and the church were struggling to remain relevant in the lives of the modern Englishman; so, any attempt at a national conversation revolving around theology or morality would have largely fallen on deaf ears. Yet the war had rekindled an interest in the topic of morality, and Lewis, therefore, was afforded the perfect opportunity. In the calm years preceding the war, Lewis quietly added to his understanding of faith, and age and maturity had refined his writing skills. When the call was given for an individual to answer the nation’s spiritual needs, Jack Lewis emerged as an unlikely and reluctant hero.


In Narnia time I would have left this blog for like a minute….tops…….

Well friends, welcome back! It has been a while since I last wiped the dust off the idea of this blog series. Between studies, life, studies, near death experiences and more studies – I found myself a little preoccupied these last couple months. However, copious amounts of time not being able to walk means that I have been a rather productive reader of late. A broken knee will do that to a man. Though having free time has had some other unintentional benefits, like getting to catch up with friends. It was through some of these conversations that I began getting requests from fellow students and faculty members at the University to read and present on some of my work with Lewis. I was reminded of what I had originally wanted to start with this blog page, and well? Here we are again. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be revisiting some of my research and posting it on this page for you to enjoy. Feel free to tell me what you think, or if there are topics about Lewis you would like me to discuss.

Also! I am going live. By which I mean I will be working with friends at the University to carry these conversations through Twitter and some local events ( C.S Lewis pub night anyone? Coming soon….). Feel free to follow me on twitter at @ReepTheMouse and keep checking back here for new posts every Monday!

C.S Lewis Blog: An Introduction

“No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally – and often far more – worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond.”
― C.S Lewis

Welcome Friends.

The intent of this blog is to create a community of C.S Lewis scholars, and will function to incubate a central hub of Lewis based discourse. Whether you have studied Lewis seriously, perused his writings casually, or have simply found yourself captivated by his popular work, my hope is that you will each find something of interest and value. While the primary aim of this blog is to drive deeper into Lewis’s life as a scholar, it will by necessity encompass both his academic and non academic writings. My hope in embarking on such a journey is to bring together a network of academic and non academic  research to challenge and drive my own studies concerning his life. My goal is not to write or define Lewis’s place in history – he has done that well enough on his own merits – but simply to merge a synthetic comprehension of his spheres of influence; creating a narrative which combines an understanding of Lewis as the author, the scholar, the apologist, the radio broadcaster, the Christian, and ultimately as one of Britain’s most popular writers of the 20th century.

My own areas of interest and study in Lewis scholarship specifically rests in his reception in the academic spheres at the height of his popularity, while examining the evolution of both scholarly and public opinions of his work in the early 21st century. However, as this is only an introductory posting, I will delay in adding anything further to this particular strain of thought.

So for now, I bid you a very warm welcome. I am very excited by possibility this page represents, and hope that it produces new insights into the life and writings of C.S Lewis. Feel free to follow this page & we shall see where this adventure takes us.