In Narnia time I would have left this blog for like a minute….tops…….

Well friends, welcome back! It has been a while since I last wiped the dust off the idea of this blog series. Between studies, life, studies, near death experiences and more studies – I found myself a little preoccupied these last couple months. However, copious amounts of time not being able to walk means that I have been a rather productive reader of late. A broken knee will do that to a man. Though having free time has had some other unintentional benefits, like getting to catch up with friends. It was through some of these conversations that I began getting requests from fellow students and faculty members at the University to read and present on some of my work with Lewis. I was reminded of what I had originally wanted to start with this blog page, and well? Here we are again. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be revisiting some of my research and posting it on this page for you to enjoy. Feel free to tell me what you think, or if there are topics about Lewis you would like me to discuss.

Also! I am going live. By which I mean I will be working with friends at the University to carry these conversations through Twitter and some local events ( C.S Lewis pub night anyone? Coming soon….). Feel free to follow me on twitter at @ReepTheMouse and keep checking back here for new posts every Monday!

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